Lisa Mauro

Bronze Sculptures

Lisa was instructed by masters in marble carving in Italy from 1987-1994 -  Mario Nardini and Blasco Pellacani, in the Pietra Santa/Carrara mountains of Italy.  This is an area where Michelangelo signed contracts for his chosen marble blocks.

Lisa has been inspired by Franscesco Grazioli in sculpture studies not he dynamics of temperaments, feeling, colour and tones at the Waldorf School classes in Venice and Sagrado, Italy (1991/1992)  She also explored manual stone sculpting in Prosecco/Trieste, Italy (1995)

Currently, she is completing a sculpture to commemorate the 75th anniversary of a heroic WWII battle ending in 1944.  Lisa pieces can be found in Toronto, Vancouver, California, Italy and now represented at Gallery 629, Merrickville, On.


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